Pattern ID:1 Type:FLP Regions:1 Version:0002 Period(1221); Set(15,0,0x0,0); Set(15,0,0x111,60); Set(15,0,0x333,120); Set(15,0,0x555,180); Set(15,0,0x777,240); Set(15,0,0x999,300); Set(15,0,0xBBB,360); Set(15,0,0xDDD,420); Set(15,0,0xFFF,480); Set(15,0,0xFFF,540); Set(15,0,0xDDD,600); Set(15,0,0xBBB,660); Set(15,0,0x999,720); Set(15,0,0x777,780); Set(15,0,0x555,840); Set(15,0,0x333,900); Set(15,0,0x111,960); Set(15,0,0x0,1020); Set(15,0,0x0,1220);

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