Maine: Rockport, Camden, Rockland area of Maine, Unicel provides great service. The local agent in the area is Ragged Mountain Wireless, LLC 321 Commercial Street, Rockport, Maine. See them for all of your cell phone needs. 207-230-1234


Bonita Springs, FL Cingular holds 5 bars expcept in an area off bonitas Bch Rd.. Just east of old 41 that has a dead spot..

North Naples, FL just of livingston and Immokalee Rd it is almost dead.. for cingular but Other providers like Nextal have no signal or will bounce to 1 bar.. also Metro PCS... is dead in these zone.. and there is a tower about 1/4 mile away.. but it belongs to''''''


La Paloma, CA 94022 - Cingular has 2 bars, spotty coverage nearby


Adah, PA 15410 - Verizon Wireless has a full signal. No other carriers seem to work at this time.


Charleston, SC 29414 - Cingular has 5 to 6 bars