JSR (Java Specification Request) Support by Handset Edit

A JSR (Java Specification Request) is used to define a bundle of capabilities that a given Java platform may support.

As an example, JSR-184 is the specification which defines 3D graphics capability for mobile phones, also known as M3G (mobile 3D graphics). If a mobile phone supports JSR-184, that means that it will include the necessary Java libraries and modifications to the JRE which will allow it to render accelerated 3D graphics.

Over 300 JSRs currently exist, which give mobile phones (and other Java platforms) native support for everything from bluetooth, to vector graphics, to GPS, to database access.

Most mobile phone manufacturers list the JSRs supported by each handset on their websites. This wiki page aims to collect this information in a single table for ease of comparison. It also acts as a timeline to show when each handset was released.

Comparison of Handsets Edit

JSR Support by Handset
Handset Release Date JSR-​30 JSR-​37 JSR-​75 JSR-​82 JSR-​118 JSR-​120 JSR-​135 JSR-​139 JSR-​172 JSR-​177 JSR-​179 JSR-​180 JSR-​184 JSR-​185 JSR-​205 JSR-​211 JSR-​226 JSR-​229 JSR-​234 JSR-​248
Sony Ericsson W950i 02/2006
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic 12/2007
Nokia E75 04/2009