Short Messaging Service is a way to get instant feedback and communication in a succinct, timely way regarding "shorts," or short narrative films. The first short goes back probably to the beginning of filmic history, coinciding with the first time somebody was like, I want to make a movie, but I don't have the energy/resources.

Learning about other people's shorts is a way to show you care, and they're pretty quick, and they're usually not very complicated in terms of plot. So, it's easy to just be like, 'Pretty awesome. I really enjoyed it." Short and to the point, you know? Let him or her know how you feel about their little pet project, send a message and move on.

The kinds of things one can learn about shorts vary from culture to culture, and manufacturer to manufacturer. A member of one culture might purchase shorts made from Texas cotton, printed in bold red, white, and blue colors that depict the American flag. A member of another culture might prefer rubber shorts painted with yellow submarines. Mix the two cultures together genetically and add a little party punch and a BBQ chef armed with a refrigerated meat truck, AND outsource your shorts manufacturing... a whole new world of fashion is suddenly born!

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