subTopMenu_*.swf Edit

The front screen menu.

Where the hell do you choose this?

subTopMenu_A.swf light blue background
subTopMenu_B.swf black background

topMenu*.swf Edit

The main screen menu.

Chosen by two menu options in Display Settings:

Display Themes (Slick Black, White, Dark Chocolate, Orbis)
Main Menu Layout (Tab, List, Grid) - there don't seem to be files associated with the Tab layout
File Display Theme Main Menu Layout
topMenuLgBlackGrid.swf Dark Chocolate Grid
topMenuLgBlackList.swf Dark Chocolate List
topMenuLgOrbisGrid.swf Orbis Grid
topMenuLgOrbisList.swf Orbis List
topMenuSlickBlackGrid.swf Slick Black Grid
topMenuSlickBlackList.swf Slick Black List
topMenuWhiteGrid.swf White Grid
topMenuWhiteList.swf White List

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